In-home skilled medical services are typically prescribed by your physician and pre-authorized through your health insurance provider. For patients without insurance coverage, we can provide a self-pay schedule.

Upon family consent, our care coordinator will meet the family, schedule a patient and home assessment, and develop a customized plan of care. Our admission office will contact the patient's insurance provider if relevant, to secure approval, and answer any queries you might have. Self-pay patients can contact us directly for an appointment or request a quote for their care needs.

Admission Criteria

Referrals can be made to HHC Home Health Care following inpatient rehabilitation admission. External referrals can be made via walk in, telephone enquiries & the Amana Acquisition team. We will provide intensive physiotherapy, , speech & language therapy, dietician advice & nursing sessions in the home. Further services are planned for the future as the services expands.

Additional Information Required

Activities of Daily Living (assistance with or total care)
Medical reports (if coming from another healthcare provider) We can help you and collect the reports if you authorized us by written consent
Home address/Map.
Patients are also required to sign the consent form for Merciful Hands Home HealthCare services

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

It is your right as a Merciful Hands Health Care Services Patient

To be informed of your rights in an understandable manner and language
To be informed (patient & families) about the care and services of the healthcare organization & how to access those services
To have considerate and respectful care consistent with your personal values and beliefs and to have access to spiritual and religious support
To have care that is respectful of privacy
To be protected from any type of assault while a patient
To receive appropriate protection if you are a vulnerable child, disabled individual, and / or elderly
To have all your information kept confidential and protected from loss or misuse
To have respectful and compassionate care if your condition is terminal
To be given information on how to gain access to clinical research, investigation or clinical trials involving human subject if this healthcare organization is currently involved in any of these
To be informed of how you would be informed and protected if you participated in any clinical research, investigations, or clinical trials
To be informed of the health care organization’s policy on complaints, conflicts, and difference of opinions about patient care and your right to participate in these processes related to concerns about your treatment or care
To expect staff to understand your rights
To have informed consent (what will happen in the course of treatment) explained in an understandable way to have adequate understandable information for you and your family about your illness, proposed treatment and care provided in order to make informed decisions
To give general consent for treatment and have the general scope and limits of this consent explained
To refuse or discontinue treatment
To expect to be asked for informed consent before surgery, anesthesia, use of blood and blood product, and other high risk treatment and procedures, clinical research, investigation, and trial

It is your responsibility as Merciful Hands Health Care Services Patient

To provide all personal and family health information needed to provide you with appropriate care
To participate to the best of your ability in making decisions about your medical treatment, to follow instructions and comply with the agreed upon plan of care
To accept the consequences of not accepting care recommendations from the provider or not following the plan of care
To ask questions of your Physician or other care provider if you desire a transfer of care to another Physician, caregiver or facility
To show respect and consideration of others receiving and providing care
To provide safe working Environment
To observe facility policies and procedures including those regarding smoking, noise, number of visitors, visiting hours and use of mobile phones

Insurance and Payment Methods

In Merciful Hands We currently serve Thiqa and self-pay patients. Most of our home healthcare services are generally covered by Daman for Thiqa (UAE nationals) patients. To access services, and to be eligible for insurance coverage, a referral is required from your healthcare provideroutlining the need for home care services. For Thiqa patients, our team will coordinate with Daman to process all approval requests. Once the paperwork is submitted to Daman, the request is typically approved within 48 hours. For services not covered by Daman for Thiqa, we can provide a self-pay schedule for nationals. Expatriates in the UAE should contact their insurance provider to confirm coverage. If not covered, we can provide a self-pay schedule for requested services.

For Thiqa Coverage

For those patients with Thiqacard , we need :
Proof of Thiqa Private Coverage
Copy of Thiqa Card
To enroll in Thiqa private coverage program, find out the required documentsas mentioned in

For Private Coverage:

All self-pay patients can contact us directly for an appointment or request a quote for their care needs. The patient may utilize coverage offered by other private insurance providers that includes Merciful Hands Healthcare services. Alternatively, payments can be made in cash or through credit card directly at Merciful Hands Main Office.