I think the quality of Nurses and their teamwork is the best aspect of their service. I can see clearly how Merciful they are . We are very pleased. I want them to know that, because they are doing such a good job.

(From Kalifa A , Abu Dhabi )

As a family we are very happy with the support and care that the nurses have given us. You are a professional organization who knows what they are doing; Each nurse was well trained and the supervisors are professional , please keep your high standards and commitment.

(From Ghayathi western area, Abu Dhabi )

I noticed the strong Daily follow-up system between the nurse and the doctors in the center, AND I really appreciate the regular doctors visits and calls , nurses arrange our follow-up appointments , communicate with the hospital and collect reports , we feel safe and really satisfied.

(From Madinat zayed – Abu dhabi)

your nurse was able to explain to me the reasons for patient falling and why my fathers medication needs to be monitored and change the timings. This is evidence of good training Another point Merciful hands takes very good care for every little details of the patient from bathing to wound management

(From Al ain)

I am very pleased with all your nurses & physio therapist who have visited my home. Your staff are a delight to be with, both professional & friendly. Thank you for all the help you have given us.

(From Al ain)

last year I was confused how to transfer My Mom for hospital in Germany , then I heard about Merciful Hands International patient care , the Nurse traveled with my Mom and was really taking care for every thing till she came back safe.

(Abu dhabi)

My kid is 2 years old , Diabetic typ1 , am working till 4 , I was really worried about his injections but thanks God for your help.

(From lywa city , Abu dhabi)

At first I thought you were expensive, but later when my brother fell ill at night I saw the whole team come in within minutes to help the nurse and telephone the doctors to change the medication. When I saw the doctor trusting the nursing team and making the changes I then realized you saved me time, and you saved me money by not going to the hospital that night.

(Abu dhabi)

After going home from the hospital my Mother was on too many medications. I was afraid that I would make a mistake . Because my Mother is seeing 3 doctors in abudhabi at different hospitals they are all ordering the medication and nobody is looking at what the other is ordering. I asked Merciful Hands to help me at home and they quickly came to meet me and my Mother in the hospital and started to work with the doctors and the pharmacist before we got home. They made a schedule and organize the medication plan and now I feel more confident.

(Abu dhabi)


a very professional team led by strong daily doctor nursing supervisors. Their knowledge in senile dementia patients care with behavioral changes is amongst the best that I have seen.They can control the Agitation and do risk assessment with proper close monitoring.

Dr. M.A.A Neurologist
(SKMC Hospital)

The medical chart was organized, and accounted for the past 3 months in the home. I wish all our patients come with similar health history format. The change in patient condition was evident and action taken immediately by Merciful Hands . Nurse and Doctor, they were really were Alert , the patient was diagnosed and admitted to hospital quickly and after a very short treatment, was discharged home.

Dr. D. T.A Physician
(SKMC Hospital)

Merciful Hands has a professional approach to un controlled Diabetic patients. they are oriented about controlling and avoiding complication , Their medication safety program is impressive and I would recommend their service to my patients families.

Dr.G.S.A, Endocrinologist
(Al Ain Hospital)

One thing I liked was their attention to details and they deliver specialized care for each individual. They try to find a solution that is convenient to each family the meet.

AK, Physician
(From Al ain)